Wealth Management & Wealth Preservation

Wealth Management and Wealth Preservation

Wealth Management In Chicago, Serving Clients Nationwide

Our Wealth Management Services

As a leading Chicago wealth management firm, we provide a wide range of financial wealth management services:

  • Organizing your financial records
  • Asset allocation analysis and recommendations
  • Development of an investment portfolio
  • Detailed analysis of current investment
  • Specific investment recommendations
  • Estimate of tax ramifications of investment strategies
  • Portfolio re-optimization/rebalancing
  • Stock option analysis

Wealth Preservation

Preserving your wealth is as important as building it. We can help with asset protection strategies including creating an estate plan that protects your assets from creditors and minimizes taxes. We can also utilize trusts to ensure assets are effectively preserved for your heirs.

Our Wealth Management Philosophy

Investing can be bewildering & worrisome: Will the market go up or down? How much should I invest? Am I diversified enough? Is my portfolio safe?

Using an investment strategy to fit your plan, we eliminate those worries. Your investment strategy will fit your financial plan, with careful consideration for your personal and financial needs as well as your tolerance for risk. As a Registered Investment Adviser (RIA), our investment advice is completely unbiased — we are entirely focused on your needs & goals. Together, we will craft your investment policy statement, a mission statement, and a course of action designed to guide your investment strategy. This statement takes into account your personal level of risk tolerance, your investment time horizon, and the optimum asset allocation needed to achieve your goals.

Good Investment Management Requires Independent Thinking

We believe that the most effective investment management approach is through independent, objective thinking. We are an independent wealth management firm employed by our clients only. Our independence allows us to seek the best-in-class investments to meet your needs. We provide full transparency of costs and have no bias or incentive to purchase investments because of fee sharing arrangements that are common in proprietary funds at other larger firms. We pass on that savings to our clients. Our structure allows us to focus on our client interest without bias or influence.

Certified Divorce Analysis

The financial ramifications of a divorce can be devastating. But with proper planning and expert help from professionals specializing in financially equitable divorce settlements, you can increase your chances of arriving at a settlement that fully addresses your long-term financial needs, and your spouse’s too. Learn more about our divorce financial planning services.

Investment Analysis

Choosing the right investments is an integral part of building and preserving your wealth. Our wealth management work includes thorough investment analysis including:

  • Asset allocation analysis and recommendations
  • Development of an investment portfolio
  • Detailed analysis of current investments
  • Specific investment recommendations
  • Estimate of tax ramifications of investment strategies
  • Portfolio re-optimization / rebalancing
  • Diversification analysis
  • Employee stock options analysis
  • Managing the risk vs. return of your portfolio
  • Matching investment choices to your goals and time horizons

Low-Cost Institutional and Index Funds

In today’s low-return environment, controlling investment expenses is crucial. After all, your investment returns are reduced by taxes and inflation as well as expenses. While you cannot control taxes or inflation, you can control expenses. At Leading Edge Wealth Management LLC, we strive to utilize low-expense vehicles, including Exchange Traded Funds, Institutional Funds, and Index Funds to limit your investment expenses and allow you to capture more of the market’s returns.

Chicago, IL Wealth Management Services That You Can Trust

We take pride in providing unbiased financial wealth management advice, free from the commissions that are common in our industry and can lead to conflicts of interest. From our office just outside Chicago, we help individuals, families, and businesses grow and preserve their wealth. We’d love to help you too.

Whether you live in Chicago or across the country, contact us for a free wealth management consultation.

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