Financial Services

Financial Services

Comprehensive Financial Advisory Services In Chicago, Illinois

Leading Edge Wealth Management is an independent financial services firm based outside of Chicago Illinois that serves individuals, families, and business clients in the Chicago metro area and throughout the U.S.

Our Financial Advisory Services

We provide a wide range of financial advisory services including:

Our Business Financial Services

Business Retirement Plans
401(k) and 403(b) Business Retirement Plans

  • Managing Retirement Income Cash Flow
  • Plan Design
  • Benchmarking
  • Fiduciary Compliance
  • Employee Communication & Education
  • Business Owners Retirement and Benefit Planning

Looking for financial advisory services in the Chicago area?

We’ve helped many individuals, families, and businesses take control of their financial future. Let us help you too. If you live in the Chicago, IL area, schedule an appointment to meet in our office. If you live elsewhere in the country, as do many of our clients, we have the technology to serve you no matter where you live. Contact us today.